Trending Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meaning

Igbo is one of the major ethnic group which dwells in southeastern Nigeria. The Igbo’s determine that what you name your child will actually determine what the child’s life will look like.

In this article, I will be listing out Igbo names and their meaning,

Kairaluchukwu – Let’s leave it to God.
Kaisoluchukwu – Let’s follow God.
chinechezirim – God thinks good of me.
Chisimdi – God says I shall live.
Daberechi – Lean on God
Daluchi – Thank God.
Ekemma – One who was born on Eke market day
Epkereamaka – One who finds prayer is good and wonderful.
Eziamaka – One who believes that good things are obtained by going out
Akwaugo – “my precious daughter
Amaogechukwu – “ Lord’s time is the best”
Azuka – “we grow stronger with experience”
Akumjeli – “I will enjoy that wealth”
Isioma – “good luck”
Onochie – “the one who replaces”
Chukwunomso – which means “Lord is near me”
Fumnanya – “love me”
Uzoamaka – “a good journey” or “a smooth path”
Ginikawa/Ginikachukwu – “there’s nothing greater than a child” and “there’s nothing greater than the Lord”
Chiazokam – God has saved me well.
Chibinobim – God dwells in my heart.
Chibundo – God is my shelter
Chibuogu – God is my strength.
Chichima – A sweet and precious girl.
Chinechezirim – God thinks good of me
Ezichi – Good God!
Ezinne – The good mother.
Ginika – What can be greater than God?
Achebe – One who is protected by the Goddess
Adaego – Daughter of wealth
Adaeze – Princess, daughter of the king.
Adaku – A girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.
Adanna – Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl
Adaobi – The first daughter in the family compound.
Adaolisa – God’s daughter.
Adaugo – Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.
Adaure – Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.
Addana – The younger sister of a girl
Ahunna – One with the body of her father.
Ezichi – Good God!
Ezinne – The good mother.
Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by nature
Chimamanda– My God will not fail
Chikaima– It’s God we know
Kamharida– May I not fall
Kosisochukwu – However it pleases God
Ndumzoronachukwu – My life is hidden in God
Zioranmachukwu -Show the world God’s beauty
Kaimarachukwu – Let’s know God
Obinaetochukwu  – A heart that praises God
Sochima – Only God Knows
Chinagorom – God is my witness
Chisomaga – God walks with me
Chukwukasiemobi – God console my heart
Somgolibe – Follow Me Rejoice
Nmasinachi – Beauty Is From God
Chidiuto – God Is Sweet
Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme – What God has written…God’s words must come to pass
Ifechimererika – God’s works are endless
Chigaemezu – God will fulfill
Nwanyibuife – A woman is light
Chisimdiri – God said I shall live
Kachizamekpere – Let God answer my prayer
Chizaramekpere – God Answered my prayers
Ekpereamaka – Prayer is beautiful
Nwukaamaka –  Children born on Sunday are beautiful
Otitochukwu – In God’s Praise
Otutuchukwu – Chant for God
Chimdalu – Thank you my God
Chinanuokum – God hear my calls
Chinalu – God is at work
Akummiriigwe – The Dew of Heaven
Kamsiyochukwu – How I pleaded with God
Chisomnazu – God is my protector
Echioma – Brighter Tomorrow
Enyichukwu – God’s friend
Kaitochukwu –  Let’s praise God
Chimsimdili – My God said I shall live
Oguguochukwu – Befriend God
Makuochukwu –  Embrace God
Kachiside (Kachi) – As God has written
Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty
Anwuli – Joy, a joyous and happy girl
Anwulichukwu – Joy of the lord.
Anwulika – My joy is great or joy is greater.
Apunanwu – A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.
Binyelum – Stay with me
Chiagozie – God has blessed me.
Chiasoka – God is too sweet.
Ifechiluru – What God has done
I hope this Igbo names and their meanings will motivate you as you choose for your child with full knowledge of what they mean.