Seyi Makinde Delivery Fire Truck to Oyo East LG Caretaker Chairman

Oyo East LG Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi has taken delivery of a fire truck procured by His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde.
You may keep in mind that when the unfortunate Akesan market fire place incidence, the Governor assured that he will provide the LG with a fire truck after the former one changed into vandalized by usingsome irate youths, and genuine to his word, that promise has been fulfilled.

Appreciating the Governor’s kind gesture, Arowosaye said “on behalf of the good human beings of Oyo East nearby government, I thank His Excellency for his responsiveness and commitment towards the health of our people and their properties”.

“In the meantime, our administration will focus on rebuilding the fireplace station destroyed by way of the irate youths and make it completely operational even asthe newfire truck may beoperating from a temporary station. I name on everyonefolks to see the newfireplace truck as our collective responsibility as it is meant to serve all people”, he concluded.