OPINION: Should Nigeria Follow Tanzania Way And Reopen Schools

Schools are at a break in many countries including Nigeria,Kenya, Uganda, America, Ethiopia and Malawi. Even Ghana included. This came as a result of covid-19 pandemic. Researchers have concluded that this virus might be endemic, meaning it will be with us for long. At least 2 years shall pass.

President John Pombe Magufuli has shocked many. Since corona was reported in Tanzania he insisted that everything should go on as usual. The numbers rose very fast. They sort Madagascar herbal cure and they say it worked. Tanzania believes in the ultimate power of God to heal. They are just praying to God to heal them. Earlier on he was seen praying in the mountain.

He has ordered for the reopening of schools, no facemasks should be won in public. He also insinuated that bus should resume very normal. They should be able to carry normal number of passengers. He said the numbers have dropped drastically. The herbal cure is working in Tanzania. This has made other east Africa countries to ban trucks from Tanzania.

Should all countries follow Tazania way and reopen schools and other institutions. Should our transport system beb returned to normal. share your views