(Medicine Student Check this) Healing Without Medicines

For most sickness no medicine are needed. Our bodies have their own
defenses, or ways to resist and fight disease. In most cases, these natural defense are far more important to our health than are medicines.

People will get well from most sickness-including the common cold and ‘flu’ by themselves, without need for medicine.

To help the body fight off or overcome a sickness, often all that is needed is to

  – Keep clean
  – Get plenty of rest
  – Eat well

Even in a case of more serious illness, when a medicine may be needed, it is the body that must overcome the disease;the medicine only helps. Cleanliness, rest, and nutritions food are still very important.

Much of the art of health care does not and should not depend on use of medications. Even if you live in an area where there are no modern medicines, there is a great deal you can do to prevent and treat most common sickness- if you learn how.

Many sickness can be prevented or treated without medicines.