Lautech Second Semester Syllabus! For 100l Students

LAUTECH is one of the best state university in nigeria,  located at southwest,  Ogbomoso,  Oyo state.

The management of LAUTECH has released the syllabus for second semester for 100level student In other to enhance their study.

Below are the second semester syllabus for 100level.

MTH 102

Trigonometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, coordinate geometry, statistics.


Mechanical osscilation and waves, optics, electrostatics, D.C electricity, simple A.C circuit, magnetism and electromagnetism, semiconductor and its applications, atomic and quantum physics, nuclear physics. 

CHM 102

Physical and fundamental principles of organic chemistry, hybridization, chemical bonding, qualitative analysis, factors influencing organic reactions, types of organic reaction, isomerism, chemistry of hydrocarbon, coordination chemistry, nomenclature, inorganic chemistry.

BIO 102

Taxonomy, plant diversity, animal diversity, introductory ecology.
thats all for biology.

 CSE 100 instead of FAA

Practials continue as well

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