How to Recharge Gotv Online – See Complete Guidelines

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to pay for GOtv online.

How to pay for GOtv online

How to pay for your Gotv payment using QuickTeller with QuickTeller payment

QuickTeller is the easiest and fastest way to pay for your GoTV subscription from the comfort of your home.

  1. Before you start, switch on your decoder.
  2. Then go to on your mobile or computer.
  3. Choose the GoTV package you are paying for.

The IUC number of your decoder
The IUC number is on the red sticker found at the back of your decoder.

  1. Enter your mobile phone number and email address, and select ‘Next’ to proceed to GoTV subscription payment.

You will then be readdressed to the secure billing page. On the billing side, choose the type of debit card you want to use to pay and then enter your card details correctly.
Check to make sure that the card details are accurate. Tap on the ‘Pay’ option and then wait.
If the payment is successful, in a few minutes, your GoTV subscription will be renewed and your viewing will be restored.
You should also know that QuickTeller payment invites a charge of 100 Naira for the transaction.

How to pay for GoTV through easy self-service on the official website

It is now very easy to make your GoTV payment using GoTV Easy Self Service. This service can be used to pay for either your own subscription or for a friend.
This package can also be used from outside Nigeria to pay for GoTV.

To pay just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the GoTV Eazy Self Service on the official website and tap on ‘Pay’ or copy this link and paste directly on your browser.

  1. Enter the GoTV IUC number and select the country of the GoTV account you are paying for.

  1. Enter the captcha and tap on ‘Verify’.

  1. Proceed to payment; enter your card details and then pay.

In the past, people only knew about QuickTeller when it comes to making their GoTV payment. But it is now much relaxed, faster and better to make your payment directly on the GoTV official website through Easy self-service.
1. PAGA e-Pay
You are now able to pay for your GOtv using the Paga e-Pay.
To make an online payment for your GOtv subscription using via Paga e-Pay, visit and then log into your main account.
You will be presented with a list of online payment methods that are offered in your country. Choose Paga e-Pay and follow the instructions.
2. Eazy Money
Easy money allows you to pay using your Eazy Money mobile wallet online ( Simply, dial your mobile number and Eazy money PIN.

3. eTranzact

The eTranzact BankIT solution allows you to pay for your subscription, directly from your bank account, online and also on mobile.
To pay on mobile:

  • Simply dial *389*9*smartcardnumber# then follow the prompts.

To pay online, on the GOTV website

  • Choose Country, input specific Smart card number and tap on VERIFY button.
  • Click VIEW BALANCE AND PAY to proceed to the payment summary page showing date and also amount due for payment.
  • Tap PAY to proceed to the Payment Subscription page showing Account Holder’s details.
  • Select eTranzact Payment Option and then select BankIT.
  • Input Bank account number and choose your preferred Bank.
  • Generate a 6-digit password and submit details
  • Dial *389*00# with a phone number registered with the nominated Bank to receive an OTP.
  • Insert the OTP in the space provided and click PAY.

A Payment Response stating the details of the transaction will be received, indicating successful payment.
Thank you for choosing eTranzact!

4. GlobalPAY

To make an online payment for your GOtv subscription using via GlobalPAY, visit and then log into your account.
Go to the PAY page and choose GlobalPAY and then fill in your payment details as required and then tap on Complete Payment
You will be redirected to the GlobalPAY website where you will be prompted to select your Card Type and then enter your Card Number and then tap on Pay.
You will redirect back to your account on the GOtv Eazy website
5. PayU
For card payments using PayU follow the process below:

  • Log in to your account on
  • Go the Pay page and tap on the PayU logo.
  • You will be redirected to the PayU payment page to insert your card details and complete the payment.

After processing of the payment and verification on PayU, you will be redirected back to the Eazy Self Service website.

These steps that have been listed above will assist you anytime you want to make an online payments for your GOtv Subscription
CSN Team