FAQ on Uploading O’level Result on JAMB CAPS Portal

FAQ on Uploading O’level Result on JAMB CAPS Portal

Is Jamb Re-uploading of WAEC or NECO Result Compulsory

Yes it is Compulsory, as it is one of the requirement to gain admission this year.
I Checked My Result but I didn’t See my Exam Number. Please what should I do?

No need to worry as its not a problem. According to JAMB Support, it will be updated.
When is Jamb Re-uploading of WAEC or NECO Result to JAMB Portal Going to End?

As stated by JAMB, there is no exact deadline for re-uploading of the O’Level results to JAMB portal. All applicant are to be notified that the deadline will be schedule by the institution itself. 
Can someone who has used a result during registration replace the result with another one 

Yes, it is possible. the previous result detail will be deleted upon login.
I’m on the issue of my examination number, all were intact except for the number, I hope it is not a problem or does that mean I have to re upload again

It is not a problem. Just ignore it.
Is JAMB Re-uploading of NECO or WAEC result for everybody. 

It is compulsory if you used awaiting result during the UTME Registration
I tried checking mine but saw YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO USE THIS SERVICE. Why

Lately some candidates started seeing this message when they try checking the result on JAMB Portal. The best solution is checking back later. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks. It will be resolved!!!
I have uploaded my O’level Result but I am still seeing AR. Why?

If you are sure you have uploaded your result but still seeing ‘AR’ or its equivalent, then you should check back after few weeks. By then JAMB must have updated the CAPS. 
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