Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos

Faculty Of Arts, University Of Lagos, Unilag Was Founded In 1964. It Presently Has Three Campuses In Yaba And Surulere. Whereas Two Of Its Campuses Are Located In Yaba.

Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos

Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos started in 1964 as the School of Humanities. However, in 1975, it was merged with the then School of African and Asian Studies and re-designated Faculty of Arts. Presently, this Faculty comprises six Departments: Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, Creative Arts, English, History and Strategic Studies, European Languages, and Philosophy. Besides the award of graduate and post graduate degrees in disciplines in these Departments, the Faculty, in 2013, introduced a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Chinese programme in the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies. This is to enrich and broaden the cultural content of departmental curricula and achieve its aim of cross-cultural global outreach.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Arts has maintained a tradition of excellence passed on by renowned men of ideas and letters in the English-speaking world.

With its array of illustrious faculty and alumni that span a wide range of human endeavours from politics to the movie industry, media to commerce and industry, amongst others, the Faculty of Arts, I dare say, is a place where the searcher never gets lost. Here opportunities are created, potentials are actualized and dreams realized.

Through many centuries of the traditional of university education, the liberal Arts have been known to constitute the foundation of knowledge and of intellectual development.  In offering courses in English, French, Russian, Italian, Igbo, Yoruba, Linguistics, History, Philosophy and General Studies, the Faculty of Arts strives to achieve the following objectives:
Provide a broad-based general education in the Arts especially in Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History, Philosophy, Creative Arts and General African Studies during the first two years of the undergraduate programme for all students in the humanities and the sciences;
Provide opportunities for disciplinary specializations in Creative Arts, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies and Philosophy during the 3rd and 4th years of the 4-year B.A. degree programme;
Provide opportunities for advanced studies and research in Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies, Creative Arts and Philosophy at postgraduate levels;
Provide the academic and intellectual stimulation derivable from the study of Creative Arts, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies and Philosophy, and the necessary requirement for the development of the mind;
Produce graduates whose education in the liberal Arts imbues them with humanistic qualities and the intellectual skills needed to function productively within the administrative and professional structures of a developing nation.


  • Creative Arts
  • English
  • European Languages & Integration Studies
  • History & Strategic Studies
  • Linguistics African Asian Studies
  • Philosophy

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