Did You Know- The G behind Under G

That under G is a short form of something?
what do you think that is and how did you arrive at your conclusions?
Did you know that there was initially no gate at Under G side of the campus, and pioneer students use the path only as a short-cut to school.
Did you know that Under G used to be a path that farmers take when going and coming back from their farms?
Before development came to that part of the school Area, Under G used to be a jungle that no one lives in and it was only the brave students that used to enter the campus through the short- cut.
 The name Under G came from the fact that they had to make way through thick Bush when going into and coming out of the school campus through that way. Thus it gave them a feeling of being underground, away from everything and everybody.
Thus, the name Underground came by as a refrence to what they experience while going through that path.
  Now that you know that 
Under G is actually a shortened form of ‘Underground‘