8 Strong Keys on How to Pass Post Utme Examination in Nigerian Universities

There are actually many people who do very well in their WAEC and JAMB examinations but fall out in the Post Utme and end up missing their admission.

Very sad right? Sad is an understatement; it can be depressing. So if you are wondering how you can actually go through your Post Utme and come out successful, I’m here to help you.

I was able to write all my exams in one sitting and get my admission to study mechanical engineering. So you might be going in for medicine, law, dentistry or whatever. It doesn’t matter; you can even break a new post utme record if you do what needs to be done.


After writing jamb, you may have a high, moderate or low score. The post utme is actually an avenue to help those who may have had issues in their jamb examinations and came out with low scores. One thing you must not do is to carry the idea of your jamb score with you.

If you had a very good and high jamb score, forget about it because if you mess up in your post utme, you may still fail to get admission. Don’t depend on your jamb score to help you out then at the end of the day, you fail to take your post utme seriously.

The result may be bad for you. On the other hand, if you had a low jamb score, you should ride on positivity and try as much as possible to do better in your post utme. See it as a second chance to do better and still read the course of your choice.


It’s very normal with Jambites to relax just after their WAEC and JAMB examinations. This can be very dangerous. It’s not over till it is over.

Make sure you continue your reading pattern. The longer you stay away from your books, the harder it will be for you to get back on track. this is one of the keys on HOW TO PASS POST UTME examinations.


Thirdly, it’s not all about reading, but also remembering all that you read. The formulas, the tricks and the shortcuts to answering questions. It’s not how far but how well. 

There are people who read ‘heaven and earth’ but still end up performing poorly in examinations while there are actually people who just read in bits and end up doing fantastically well. The key is remembering. If you desire to improve your remembrance


By the word use, I mean practice. Reading can never be complete without answering past sample questions. Go to the university or any nearby bookshop and purchase post utme past questions for your chosen course at the university you want. Past questions will help you know how far you have come in your reading and how ready you are.


Another key on key on HOW TO PASS POST UTME examinations is your speed.

This is the cause of most POST UTME failure. Most students have not learned How to Improve Exam Speed. The truth about Post Utme is that you will never be given enough time.

This is an intentional plan because every university wants to select the best. So work on your speed and get faster. Learn tricks and shortcuts to answering questions. Most POST UTME exams are 30mins to 1hour. So you can imagine how fast and accurate you need to be.


I know you are a guru with a calculator. Oga kpatakpata. But how about without a calculator? About 85% of universities do not allow jambites use calculators during post utme examinations. So you must learn to adapt to this system. It is also used to find out the best of the best. Learn to work your brain and keep that calculator aside. What is 15 * 4? Hahaha


There are many lecture houses available to help you while preparing for post utme. These lecture houses usually have professionals, who have been in the system and can help you with tricks and shortcuts to answering post utme questions faster.


Lastly, put yourself in an exam setting. No calculators, 45 minutes test period and no expo. Don’t just go with reading and reading. Test yourself to know the extent to which you are prepared for the exam ahead of you. Also, if you discover that you are not prepared, do well to get prepared. This is the last key on HOW TO PASS POST UTME examinations

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