5 Tips to Learn a New Language Online

Tips to learn a new language online
“Learning a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”
The Chinese proverb describes the adventure of learning a new language perfectly. When you start learning a new language, you are not just learning a new life skill but also letting yourself learn about a new culture and lifestyle. 

1. Use technology

There are several ways of learning a language online and modern-day technology can help you learn more effectively. You can download apps that will teach you some words every day or reset the language on your phone to familiarize yourself with the new language. Having a dictionary app will also help you search words on the go and add to your vocabulary.

2. Watch tutorials

Watching tutorials is extremely useful in learning a foreign language. You can watch videos that teach you the basics of a language or go to websites such as justlearn.com and start taking lessons from verified tutors who will teach you from the level that you choose as per your convenience. Enrolling yourself in online courses will help you learn effectively without leaving the comfort of your home.

3. Making new friends

In order to learn, it is important to communicate. Therefore, speaking to a native speaker will teach you a lot about the language that textbooks and technology cannot. You will learn the pronunciations and common slang when you talk to them and can also notice different accents. So, go online and start making new friends to learn language faster. You can also make pen pals online and write to them regularly in the new language.

4. Music

In order to learn a skill, you need to have fun in the process. Music is the best way to connect to a language as our mind instantly reacts to music even if we don’t understand the words. It also helps you memorize words faster as we hum along with the songs. So, start listening to music in that language. You will be able to recognize familiar words here and there and will soon understand the songs. Till then just put on some fun tunes and dance along.

5. Don’t worry about making mistakes

It is only natural that you will make many mistakes while learning a new language. You should not let that demotivate you as it is a part of the process. It is also a step in the ladder that you cannot miss. You cannot expect to be as fluent as a native speaker if you have just started learning. Making errors while speaking will help you correct your mistakes. It will also stop you from repeating them. This should help you gain more confidence with time and will help you see your own progress.