The United states have witnessed an amazing technology growth in the past two decades. It is not only limited to the introduction of new generations of computers with advanced human intelligence features. Information and communication technologies have as well bolstered economic activities far and near. These improvements in living standard have not only attracted citizens of other countries for work but study as well.

As other continents flap their wings in anticipation of a more secured, prosperous and technologically advanced future, citizens are very much inquisitive to get the best possible from places where this has been achieved.


With the global increase in cost for education, the accessibility of quality education in the United States by other citizens is a bit expensive. Getting scholarship to study tech in the United States have remained the cheapest and easiest option. Though quiet easy, you need to have what it takes.

The everyday progress in Information and Communication technologies has attracted more attention than every other fields of study. This is not only attributed to its increasing ubiquitous nature, but as well the continuous satisfaction derived from utilization. Moreover, the unfolding of new technological possibilities have remained eye catching.  Good population of people want to launch in here. Both the rich and the poor irrespective of age, size and location wants to study more about technology.



Getting scholarship to study tech in the US is very possible but competitive when selection is entirely by merit. The United States offers diverse top quality scholarships for higher education. In addition to having over 4000 accredited schools, navigating the best for application is somewhat difficult. A greater percentage of the work lies on your level of preparedness to study. This include your mindset, focus, academic performance, skills and target of study. In most cases, money still remains a big factor. It is simply because most tech scholarships for international students are not fully funded.

This article highlights the required guidelines to getting scholarship to study tech in the US.


The probability of getting a scholarship for higher learning on technology Is higher when you study tech related courses. There is always a foundation that strengthens your application once you have concluded a tech related program at undergraduate level. Most of these courses are offered across all countries of the world. They remain the fundamental approach to tech and the step to advanced learning.

It is expected that you diligently study to have excellent academic records in this first level of tertiary studies. An excellent academic performance would place you on the better side during applications for tech related scholarships. In tandem to this fact, it is necessary that you know what you need in the nearest future. It is very necessary that you go for it from the smallest level. First, choose a tech related course and study, evaluate yourself on the area you will perform best and go for it.


A greater percentage of people who are on scholarships today intentionally searched for them. It only in few occasions that people get scholarships they worked less for. You should intentionally work towards a wide range of scholarships. This would be easier when you start early. Take for instance, you have to search for tech scholarships for masters during your undergraduate program. Have a picture of your best choice and check next the demarcating line. The demarcating line in this context refers to the eligibility criteria for the scholarships you have chosen to go for.  It may surprise you that several factors come into consideration when listing eligibility criteria. They include age, working experience, academic records, skills, achievements, language, community service, volunteering and whole lots more. The fact that many factors are considered shows that there is a better chance if you search for this scholarships early. Developing an early interest in a particular set of tech scholarships would enable you to work towards them. This is where the most work lie. You need to work tirelessly to meet up with the eligibility criteria before the conclusion of your first study. With such understanding, you know the best time to apply and the modalities of application. You have a high probability of winning because you should have the requirements at this stage.

It is lucid that people who suddenly apply for scholarships without prior preparations often lose it because of this reason. They are taken unaware and the best efforts are not put in place.


Apply for the scholarship using the best platform. Most of these scholarships have direct sites for application. Fill in accurately your data with a second party. The second person should be someone who has a good understanding of the scholarship you are applying for. It is his or her duty to guide you in the process of application. Also note that the required details may be much than expected. In this case, do not apply in a hurry. It is advisable to save each section you have filled on the site.


Part of your application most times will involve writing of letters, personal statements, description of working experience and providing answers to short questions. This aspect is as important as the academic section. This will test your writing skill, approach to questions and fluency. It is a very good eliminating criterion that could make a big difference if well handled.


Getting scholarships to study tech is not the desire of few. Many institutions, organizations and countries have made this very possible. Some countries have bilateral agreements and goal oriented policies. Among the popular tech scholarships include;

  • AACE International Education Board Scholarships
  • Adobe Research women in technology Scholarships
  • Betty Stevens-Frecknall Scholarship program
  • Cognizant making the future scholarship and many more.


Scholarships create better opportunities for unleashing your potentials. Apply strongly.