Top 5 Website Work from Home and Earn During (Corona virus)Covid-19

During this corona virus (Covid-19) lock-down and stay at home to stay safe procedure Online data entry jobs are one of the hottest jobs on the Internet. There are many people, students and housewives who are ready to work from home. But there is a shortage of sources or companies that provide you to earn money while working from home.

On the Internet, people are mostly searching for online data entry jobs websites. But at the same time, they fail to find the right platform to get the job done.

But you don’t have to worry about it. We have researched the 5 best and legitimate online data entry jobs websites and found that you offer tasks that increase your income.

1. E-SurveyBox

E-SurveyBox is launched exclusively for Indian people who are currently doing nothing. Basically, e-SurveyBox is a reward sharing site where you have to answer some questions about yourself as well as give you some opinions about various companies and their services.

One of the best things about this website is that you do not need a computer to work here. You can start with your smartphone or tablet. When you receive your points, you can withdraw those points to your bank account.

In this website, due to the many Indian people working on a daily basis, there are some limitations for giving opinions here. So the company decided that only one person can give 5 opinions per day.

The best thing about it is that you do not need to invest in it in any way. All you have to do is go to the website and create an account and after that, you can start working.

2. Clickerner 

It is a platform where you can do different types of data entry jobs as well as various tasks at home. There are many people who want them to get all kinds of jobs in one place. Therefore, it is the same type of website where you are given the opportunity to do the job while providing your qualification and ability.

Data Entry Tasks on ClickRunner
ClickRunner is the best and right platform that wants to work as an online virtual assistant from home because it gives you,

various tasks and projects available for you to choose
from . Fully flexible – your work Set hours
of work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.
Suitable for any age, ability or background.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a worldwide popular platform for making money by completing various tasks. It is a platform where you can earn $ 10 or $ 20 per day by completing various tasks. More than 20 million people are still using Swagbucks to earn a few extra bucks from their homes.

These are the works where you can invest from your home without any investment.

  • Daily poll
  • Data entry jobs
  • Try a gold survey
  • Daily search
  • Complete a gold survey
  • watch the video
  • Someone mention

So these are some of the above actions that increase your earnings. You must trust Swagbucks.

4. Preserbel 

Preserbel is slightly similar to Swagbucks. But if you want to increase your earnings by doing data entry jobs from home, then this is also a great platform.

At Preserbell, there are lots of ways that help you earn points like surveys (one of the top ways), watch short videos and invite friends and family members.

You can also win a big point contest by participating in a variety of competitions. Many earn thousands of points and earn hundreds of dollars by participating in competitions.

5. Complete Survey

Isn’t it good for you to fill in some details about yourself? Yes, it will be because everyone wants to earn some terrible money just by entering their data. Many people are still making money sitting in their homes.

There are many survey places where you can get a job and they give you the form to fill some details. The description will be of any type such as product, service or company. You may also have to provide feedback and reviews of some products.

So in my opinion, completing a survey is the best way to do a data entry job from home. To earn more from survey sites, you have to link to more websites. So I am listing some survey websites where you can signup there and start making money.