Housekeeper – Cruise Ship

Join our team as a Housekeeper within our Hospitality Excellence Program! Travel across the US and live on a cruise ship, all while building your resume and learning new skills for any hotel career. The program offers the opportunity to rotate within food service, housekeeping, and customer service roles to become a well-rounded hospitality professional. As a Housekeeper within our shipboard team you will be responsible for the overall cleanliness, aesthetic upkeep of our staterooms, and the maintenance of all public areas. This includes keeping all work areas neat and organized. Within this role not only do you gain real-life experience in the hospitality industry, but you also get to work in a challenging and team-oriented environment. Our shipboard employees are the key to our success and our guests’ needs should always be your top priority. Within our Hospitality Excellence Program as a Housekeeper you will be given the choice after the completion of 10-weeks on board to rotate into either our Server or Dishwasher role, which is an extremely unique opportunity not offered by many other companies!


Our mission is to provide you with the necessary skills to take your hospitality experience to the next level. Within our Hospitality of Excellence Program, participants are rewarded at numerous milestones as they work to complete the 28-week program. There are 7 levels, each representing an accomplishment along the way.When you complete the program and the final milestone, you will be presented with our Hospitality Excellence Program Graduation Certificate. This is a temporary position that concludes with graduation. Your hospitality certificate turns the skills you have learned into a resume builder that will help you in any future career.

LEARN – Our program includes training by industry shipboard veterans as well as a comprehensive training program held at our facility in Guilford, CT. Every day brings a new opportunity to gain new skills that will last a lifetime.

TRAVEL – With 12 ships and 35+ itineraries, we offer the opportunity to travel to some of the most scenic and iconic places across the country. Some of the amazing regions we cruise include: Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi River, the Southeast, and New England.

EARN – Each role within our Hospitality Excellence Program is a paid opportunity with minimal living expenses. While employed with American Cruise Lines you will be provided room and board as well as your meals on the ship.

  • Servers are responsible for serving our chef-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a smile to our guests. The ability to work efficiently and effectively to cater to all culinary requests is imperative in order to provide a memorable dining experience each and every day.
  • As a Dishwasher you will help to ensure that our galley is maintained in a pristine and safe manner. Operating a luxury cruise line requires the perfect sanitation of all cutlery, glassware, and dishes. This role is crucial within the fast-paced and high energy galley team.
  • Our Housekeepers have the cleanliness of our guests’ rooms and public areas as their top priority. Being a key member of the team you will create and maintain an environment that is clean, safe, and attractive for our guests.
  • You are at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school.
  • You are an American citizen or valid Green Card holder
  • You have to be willing to work at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 28 weeks.
  • You are able to meet moderate physical demands, including lifting, bending, climbing, and long periods of standing or walking.
  • Calm under pressure and positive attitude.
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test : Under Federal Law and the Department of Transportation we are required to pre-employment drug test all shipboard employees. This includes testing for Marijuana and other controlled substances. We are also an alcohol free company.


  • Earn Money – Pay ranges from $700 to $900 per week.
  • Minimal Expenses – your living expenses are all covered while onboard. It’s a dormitory-style environment.
  • Travel the Country – We visit 30 states on our different cruises and travel through the most beautiful areas in our country.
  • Hospitality Experience – This is a strong foundation for a career in the hospitality industry and a way to build your resume.
  • Upward Mobility – After your rotation, you may apply for full time roles in either shipboard management or corporate positions.

During the application process, candidates are encouraged to consider which position is of the most interest to them. No two jobs are the same which allows for an opportunity to become a well-rounded hospitality professional.

About Our Company: American Cruise Lines operates the newest and largest fleet of cruise ships in the United States. We offer a number of shipboard positions which provide the opportunity to cruise the most captivating destinations in the country including the East Coast, Mississippi River, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Take advantage of this opportunity to join a thriving company with over 30 years of experience. Create lasting memories on board, while exploring the beauty of America’s waterways.

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