Best Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home During Covid-19

Working from home is the only safe way during COVID-19. It’s is the only method that help everyone to safe from the wide spreading disease. COVID-19 is spreading like fart in the air and the medical specialist warn everybody to stay indoor to avoid this pandemic. However, staying indoor without making money while your place of work is locked may leads to another problem.

There are millions of works one can do during the Covid-19  pandemic and after  from home which allows you more flexibility in day to day life. Irrespective of country, you still have the ability to pursue other interest while maintain a consistent paycheck during COVID-19.

Work from home jobs require certain skills or degrees such as insurance agents or medical coders, others demand artistic skills like writing or design. Whatever your strength, there are several options to explore when looking for a new remote job at this period of COVID-19

The below is 15 jobs that you can be doing during this COVID-19, they are flexible, the ability to earn more than $35000 depend annually depend on your strength.

Pay & Salary

National average salary: $18.26 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Work simultaneously on 5+ projects based on current client workload.
  • Put together elements of other designs, such as icons and photographs.
  • Create visual aspects of marketing materials, websites and other media.

2. Blogger

National average salary: $18.83 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Plan, research, write and edit articles from concept to delivery.
  • Lead content initiatives and deliver effective recommendations.
  • Partner with writers, design and SEO to define user strategy.

National average salary: $42,631 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Develop contacts with individuals and businesses to generate qualified leads.
  • Handle recruiting duties utilizing various contact methods.
  • Maintain logs of applicant records and provide regular recruiting updates.

National average salary: $21.24 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Perform translations that are grammatically compliant with target language rules.
  • Convey the full meaning of the source language into the target language.
  • Produce idiomatic translations considering the type of material and readers’ viewpoints.

National average salary: $22.83 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Create content campaigns that align with marketing objectives and company goals.
  • Produce, edit and customize content for all social media platforms.
  • Pitch articles to third-party websites for publication and guest post on partner webs.

National average salary: $46,577 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with donors.
  • Produce proposals, donor appeals and acknowledgment letters.
  • Maintain and develop a calendar of deadlines for reporting.

National average salary: $49,204 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Perform coding and abstracting on outpatient medical records.
  • Abstract lines of code and clinical data.
  • Provide routine feedback to healthcare providers to correct deficiencies.

8. Tutor

National average salary: $24.30 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Set up meeting with client to review assignments in the applicable subject area.
  • Ask students about trouble subject areas that warrant further exploration.
  • Review test or assignment questions the student did not answer correctly.

National average salary: $55,651 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Develop positive working relationships with clients.
  • Approach clients via cold calling and direct mail to inquire about their insurance situations and future needs.
  • Deliver policy proceeds after a claim is filed and approved.

National average salary: $60,333 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Capture customer information including address and phone number for future follow-up.
  • Adjust your sales presentation based on success/fail averages.
  • Build rapport with customers through friendly, engaging communication.

National average salary: $34,343 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Plan, develop, organize, write and edit operational procedures and manuals.
  • Research, develop and document technical design specifications and test scripts.
  • Produce electronic documentation in addition to hard copy manuals.

National average salary: $32.89 hourly
Primary job duties:

  • Create a plan for strategic positioning with executives and high-level managers.
  • Prepare a written marketing plan that addresses each of our core initiatives.
  • Recommend product positioning approaches for each new offering.

13. Programmer

National average salary: $67,099 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Code and test programming for in-house software programs.
  • Debug code for existing programs based on immediate need.
  • Conduct end-user training upon completion of software.

National average salary: $71,436 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Perform day to day management duties to maintain assigned accounts.
  • Be active in the industry forums and groups to propose new potential accounts.
  • Retrieve business and acquire spend from accounts that would spend with competitors.

National average salary: $71,626 per year
Primary job duties:

  • Create applications that address the phases of the software development life cycle.
  • Develop comprehensive application testing procedures.
  • Update existing applications to meet security and functionality standards.

If you desire the flexibility of a work from home job, there are several opportunities to obtain a career with decent earning potential.

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